Passions, Projects and Professions

It was probably just over a year ago when I really got into sewing. My dad got me a brand new sewing machine for my 19th birthday last year and that started off the addiction. I’ve always loved crafts, creating things, and browsing Pinterest for ideas, but over the last year I realised my love for sewing was the greatest. Ideally, one day, I’d love to own a store. Have my brand name above the door, cute tags on my stock, and loyal customers. Of course, there’s a lot of hard work, time and determination that go into this kind of thing, but now I’m ready to do what it takes.

I first started off by posting photographs of my handmade items on my Facebook profile, and when people I work with, family and friends started to take an interest, I began to sell. I set up a Facebook page and every now and then I’d find a day to make new accessories, and post them on there. Mostly I made, and still do, hair scrunchies. Those bulky hair ties we all used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I realised quickly that, actually, these were a popular buy. I began to make Christmas themed scrunchies which were up on my page for all of 5 minutes before I had none left.

I’ve now got a Twitter and an Instagram account up and running to help promote my store, and I hope to start creating YouTube videos that contain crafting tutorials. I’d also love to write more blog posts on this venture I’m taking, so I apologise if it’s not your thing. I do have a post up already on how to make the scrunchies so you should definitely give it a read if you’re a crafty person, or fancy trying something new.

I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my Depop store, where my items are available to buy instantly, and also my Facebook page, where you can send me a message if you’d like to order something! General prices for my scrunchies are:

£3 without ears / £4 with ears / £2 postage on orders with 3 items or less / £3 postage on orders with 4+ items

And here’s links to my store, page and accounts:

Depop Store / Facebook Page / Twitter / Instagram

Any follows, likes etc are greatly appreciated, and I’d love for you all to see me and my business grow!

If you have any enquiries you can email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Winding Down for Autumn

Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons, I love the weather and the festive holidays, and of course I love the excuse to drink hot chocolate (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) without it being weird. But this time of year comes with its disadvantages. The cold weather makes it hard to keep my disability under control, and the gloomy days makes it all the more difficult to fight my biggest demon: depression.

One thing that’s been useful to me for the last few years is making sure I have good night-time-routines to keep me grounded if things start getting rough. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I like to relax after a crappy day.

A Cup of Tea a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I think the first thing I do is make myself a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs. I recently got a couple of new mugs, one of them is a super cute, spooky cat mug.


How About Some Bubbles

Now I don’t get to do this very often, but when I do, I go ALL OUT.

A bath can be such a simple self-care step, and it can feel so good. I like to use Radox Bath Cream in the Coconut fragrance or a bath bomb. I recently used the Lush Rocket Science bath bomb and loved it.

If I think I’m gonna be spending a while in the bath, I’ll take my laptop into the bathroom and put it on the toilet seat, so I can watch some YouTube. And if I’m feeling extra adventurous I’ll take a cup of juice and maybe a snack!

I’m Gonna Have My Cake and Eat It

Speaking of snacks, one thing that always cheers me up is chocolate. I had my birthday earlier this week, so me and my boyfriend made the most chocolatey cake you could eat.

Other comfort foods of mine include macaroni cheese, chocolate spread on toast, and kettle chips.

Colour Me Pretty

This next thing is something that’s become quite popular. Adult colouring books are something I’ve enjoyed for a few years. I have 4 or 5 of these books: fantasy, snowflakes, cats, crazy patterns and more. I have a set of really lovely Crayola colouring pencils that are perfect for shading and they sharpen really easily. Colouring books are something you can really throw your imagination into and let go of whatever’s on your mind.


Crochet My Worries Away

Crocheting might seem like something that a lot of people would think of as stressful, or something you really have to concentrate on, and it can be. I’ve been crocheting for a few years now, and I find it both relaxing and rewarding. It’s very therapeutic and definitely creative, similar to adult colouring books. You can choose what to make, what stitches to use, what colour you want it to be. And when you have your final product it’s mood lifting, sometimes it’s truly amazing the kind of things you can create! If you have the patience to learn, I definitely recommend giving this a go. You can get a cheap set of crochet hooks and some inexpensive wool from places like Wilko, pound shops and craft stores. Use these to practice with. You can find plenty of beginners books, YouTube videos and maybe you even know someone who can teach you.


Dont Judge a Book By It’s Cover 

I love books. Reading allows you to enter a different world. It gets you invested in the characters to a point where you can forget your own worries, even if it is for 30 minutes of the day. It’s a great way to wind down before bed. I’ve been loving Louise Pentland’s book Wilde Like Me.


If you wanna feel cosy while you get stuck into your book, why not light a few candles, turn your bedside lamp on and turn the main light off. You could also get yourself one of those cool lamps that clips onto your headboard or your bedside table, I don’t have one but they’ve always seemed handy!


This is the candle I’ve been burning. I can’t describe the scent, but it’s sweet and yummy, and really is perfect for autumn. It was 99p from Home Bargains and it burns really well!

Time to Rest Your Head

When I’ve had a crap day, sometimes it’s beneficial to get an early night. I like to make sure I’ve had a drink of water or milk, been to the loo and taken my makeup off. It’s always cosy to have a matching pyjama set, and sometimes I like to have a soft toy to hold. I’ve been cuddling up with my new Crush Tsum Tsum.


I do also live with my boyfriend so it’s nice to have some quality time with him to chat about our days. And this is usually the time of the evening when our hamsters are awake, so sometimes we’ll get them out for a cuddle and to give them a little treat.


And then it’s time to drift off into a deep sleep. I can’t sleep with total silence, so I usually put on some YouTube. I’ve been loving falling asleep watching either Zoella or Tanya Burr Vlogmas playlists.

I’d love to know what you guys do to relax on a chilly autumn evening, so leave me some comments! Be sure to follow me and subscribe via email if you want to see more of my content 🙂


I’m Obsessed With: Floral Embroidered Fashion

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with! If you use my 10% off discount code: “xarixlla” I do get a commission of 30% and a possibility of free products to try out for every 3 times my code is used. I don’t get anything for clicking links/website views. *

So now that that’s out of the way, hi!

I’ve recently been obsessed with anything embroidered with floral patterns, roses, blossom etc. Everywhere I turn, there’s some sort of embroidered piece of fashion: backpacks, ankle boots, dresses. I thought as been as I’m working with, I might as well show you some of my favourite embroidered pieces from their site. They do sell plenty of other gorgeous items, so go on over and have a browse (there’s also some pretty cute makeup brushes that may look familiar to a lot of you, which would be perfect to use for flat-lay props if not makeup application). 

I’m gonna start off with this perfect Autumn/Winter jacket. 

It’s a sleek, back jacket with large embroidered patches. It also comes in a khaki green colour. 

The detailed embroidery can also be seen on the back of the jacket. This would be a great piece to size up on and use as an oversized coat on top of a knitted jumper, some skinny jeans and your favourite boots. 

Now I wanna show you a few hoodies you can cosy up in when you have those lazy nights in on the sofa with a hot cuppa. 

These Golden Rose hoodies are probably my favourite out of all of the items in this post. When I think of embroidered fashion, red roses and pink blossom spring to mind; but these are gold roses. The gold roses really compliment the beige hoodie, but they’re all equally as comfy looking. The roses just run down both sleeves. 

 This comfy hoodie has a simple design. The front of the hoodie is plain, and the main attraction takes place around the edge of the hood. 

This is available in black or cream.

This hoodie also has a simple design. A single rose. Easy to throw on with a pair of pyjama shorts and some slippers. Nothing too fancy for getting ice-cream drunk in bed while you watch all the best Disney movies. 

This next item is definitely something your wardrobe needs this Autumn. 

Easily styled with a skirt or skinny jeans, it’s a dainty knit with traditional roses and also comes in black!


This t-shirt goes to show that not ALL embroidered fashion has to be about flowers. 

A pretty little doodle-style design. Wear with a cardigan, jeans and a cute pair of flats. Also available in black! 

Most of the bags I’ve seen that have had embroidery on them have been faux leather handbags/clutches, or when it’s been a backpack, it’s been silk and covered in floral design. 

I thought these backpacks were a little more unique. The fabric is a canvas type fabric and the dainty roses are placed perfectly. This also comes in a black design too.

I just want to reiterate that this is an ad, it is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I would never promote clothes I wouldn’t wear myself! (I only get commission for purchases, I DO NOT get commission of any kind just for clicks). 

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through some of my favourite items at the moment, and if you do purchase anything from, make sure you get your 10% off by using my special code: “xarixlla”. All links are in pink font, so you can easily see where the products links are! 

I’ll be back soon!

Sewing: How To Make a Bunny Ear Hair Scrunchie

Hi guys!

Today’s post is going to be a little different, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. You may know that I love to sew, crochet and do many other crafty things, so I thought I’d start doing a few posts here and there on my little makes. I wasn’t sure how popular this kind of post would be, or whether I should make a separate blog if I was going to post this kind of thing, but after giving it a think, I decided that blogging is all about expressing yourself. And you all read my blog because you either like what I post, care for my opinion, or enjoy seeing what I get up to. And sewing happens to be a big part of my life. I’m still going to do beauty/lifestyle posts, but I want to try this style of post for myself. It would just be a huge plus if you all enjoyed it. So I’ll get into it! 

Today I’m going to show you how to make this style of pretty, pink hair scrunchie (I usually just call it the Bunny Ear Scrunchie).

The Scrunchie (Piece A)

1. Piece A will be the main part of the scrunchie. Here are your measurements:

I usually start at the edge of the fabric, this way there’s less waste, and the rough edges won’t matter. Mark 3.5 inches width, and do this several times along the fabric to ensure that you get an nice straight line. Do this until you reach 16 inches length ways. Join up your marks, and cut out Piece A. 

Now you need to fold Piece A in half along the short edge, so that the patterned side (or side you want to be showing when your scrunchie is done) is on the inside. Use 3-4 pins to hold this in place (I use Hemline Pearl Head Pins). 
You want to leave roughly 2 inches either end and do NOT sew them, leave the ends open. You’ll see why later on. Once you’ve sewn along Piece A, turn it out so that the pattern is facing outward. 

2. Next you need your elastic. The elastic needs to be roughly 9mm width, and it needs to be between 6-7 inches long. 


Threading the elastic through Piece A is the next step. To make this easier I usually attach one end of the elastic to one end of Piece A using a safety pin, this prevents the elastic from pinging out of the other end. You can also put a safety pin on the other end of the elastic so you can grab onto that when threading your elastic.

 Once you’ve got both ends visible, you need to overlap them and run a stitch over them to secure them in place. Do this a few times to make sure its nice and strong. 

3. This part can look tricky, and can be quite fiddly if you’ve not done it before so be patient and take your time. This is where the two ends on Piece A that weren’t sewn come in. You need to grab each end and put them back to back (patterned sides touching) ensuring they aren’t twisted. 

Go ahead and sew the edges together. Once done, the scrunchie should fall into the right shape. 

I’ve popped a pin through this to hold it together.

All that’s left to do for this part is to sew along the scrunchie to close the hole. It will then look like this.

It doesn’t matter that you can see the stitching, as this is where you’ll tie on the ears. And here is the scrunchie!

The Ears (Pieces B+C)

1. First of all you’re going to need to make a template. You’ll need a piece of card, A4 size will be plenty big enough. Or you could use some cardboard from something like a shoe box. Anything will do as long as it’s fairly stiff. I’ve written the rough measurements on my template so you can get a rough idea of how big it needs to be, but it doesn’t have to be exact. 

Its a case of trial and error. You may want to practise the template sizing by doing a few good ones and testing them on some scrap fabric. The easiest way to do it, and how I make mine, is to fold the piece of card in half, just drawing on the half of the shape. Then while it’s still folded, cut it out and it will be symmetrical. I’ve folded my template in half to show you what I mean. Just draw that half on the card, and once you cut it out you’ll have the full template. 
2. Once you’ve got your template sorted, you’ll want to fold your piece of fabric in half. Then place you template on top and trace around the edge, but leave roughly half an inch to allow for the seams. 

You can now take off your template. At this point you’re ready to cut out pieces B+C, but to make this easier you can use some pins to hold the two together neatly while you cut the pieces out. Leave the pins in when you’re done as they’ll help to keep the pieces in line when you sew them together

3. So, now you can sew carefully around the edges, following the curves and making sure you get those pointed tips. However, you need to leave a gap along one of the straight edges because this is how you’re going to turn your work out. 

Before turning your work out, you need to trim any excess fabric from around the outside of the seem. This gives the seams a neater finish and they’ll fold a lot nicer. 

4. Once you’ve completed step 3, you’ll see that there’s an open seam again. A bit like how you did on the scrunchie, you just need to sew along that edge to close it. The fabric should fold nicely into itself. And then it’ll look like this.


Just tie the ears around your scrunchie so that they hide the stitching, and fiddle around with them until they’re in the perfect position. And then it’s done! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you don’t fancy making these yourself, you can head over to my facebook page where I sell all the accessories I make. There’s anything from hair scrunchies, to chokers, to crocheted matching baby sets. I also make seasonal hair scrunchies, my christmas themed ones are my best seller. And this year I’m adding Halloween scrunchies to the range!

So head over to my page for a browse, give it a like and invite your friends. Keep an eye out for more sewing tutorials on this space!

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you decide to have a go at making these. If you do, tweet me the pics (@peachmilkshakes).

Oreo Cupcakes Courtesy Of Tanya Burr!

Hey guys! 

So I’ve decided to stray away from my usual posts and do a proper foodie post. I love baking (I make an amazing banana loaf) but I never blog about it, and I think it’s time I started documenting my baking adventures.

 To start off easy though, I’m gonna write a quick post about the time I tried out Tanya Burr’s Oreo Cupcake recipe. I am NOT trying to pass this off as my recipe!! I just thought as been as they turned out so well that I’d show you some pics and talk you through the recipe, and how I personally took my own twist on it (okay, all I did was use 3 different Oreo flavours but give me some credit!).

Here goes..



175g butter

165g caster sugar

3 eggs

40g cocoa powder

125g self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 pack oreos


2 packs oreos

100g butter

200g icing sugar

First thing I did was take a trip down to my local supermarket to grab 3 packs of Oreos. I picked up the original flavour for the frosting, mint for the base of the cupcake and chocolate for the decoration (Tanya kept it less complicated and stuck with the original flavour for all 3 parts, which I’m sure was just as good, but I was feeling ridiculously adventurous). 

Once I got home I did as instructed and turned my oven to 180 Degrees. I then realised I’d forgotten my cupcake cases and ended up using some blue with snowflake patterned cases left over from christmas.. Once I realised how cute they were actually going to look I put them in the cupcake tins ready for pouring the mixture in, and continued to mix together the butter and sugar until it was the creamy/smooth texture described by Tanya. Next step was to pop the eggs in with the butter/sugar mixture. Then I folded all of the dry ingredients into that mixture (flour, coco powder, baking powder). I just want to add that I used a stand mixer for this part, but it doesn’t matter whether you do this or do it by hand!

As I said, I got 3 different flavours of Oreo, so I placed one mint Oreo in the bottom of each empty cake case. I thought the mint would look great in the bottom because the cream filling is a cute green colour, and I thought that when the cupcake was cut in half (always thinking about getting that perfect insta-shot!) you’d be able to see that minty green layer! Then I poured the mixture into the cases and let them cook for about 20-25 minutes (Tanya says 14-17 minutes, but the oven I used at the time wasn’t great with baking cakes, so mine took a little longer). 

This is the part I found most fun: Frosting!

All you need to do is mix together your icing sugar and butter until it’s looking smooth. Then you wanna take half a pack of oreos and crush them into Oreo crumbs! I used the original flavour Oreo for this part. I didn’t use a blender on an account of not having one, so did like Tanya said and used a sealed food bag instead which worked just as well. Now add your crumbs to your frosting and stir them in! 

The frosting was incredibly easy to make and I thoroughly enjoyed licking the bowl after I’d used as much as I needed. I actually found I had enough frosting left to ice another couple of cupcakes, so I’m not sure where I went wrong, but it just meant I got to eat the remaining frosting (why waste it!?). 

Once my cupcakes were cooked and cooled (I put them on a cooling rack for this bit), I spread on my Oero frosting. I didn’t want to do it neatly, I thought they looked good with a messy vibe going on. Then with the chocolate flavour Oreos, I used them as decoration by breaking them in half, and putting one half on top of each cupcake.

And we’re all done! 

What’s on my iPhone 6 Plus?

Hi guys!

So I’ve seen a few people do these posts, and it really made me want to give it a go. Now, it’s got to be said, my phones actually pretty boring, but I’m sure some of you will get a kick out of having a nosey around my phone. Here goes!

My Phone & Phone Case
I have a 16gb iPhone 6 Plus in white and silver. I’m with EE, and I’ve had my phone now for nearly 2 years. I’m due for an upgrade next month and I really don’t know what to get next!

(yes, this pic was taken last August BUT I loved the photo)
 The phone case above is a Sailor Moon silicone phone case.I got it from an app called Wish, and it came with the cute little charm! I did recently have different phone case on, but I only had it a few weeks before a pen exploded in my handbag, and the ink dyed the gorgeous pink, marble effect into a not so aesthetic smudged blue.. It was a plastic snap case and did only cost about £7 from Amazon, and it made me realise how much I loved my big squishy phone case. 

My Lock Screen/Home Screen Wallpapers

Sticking with the Sailor Moon theme, my wallpapers are just a gorgeous, pink/purple gradient, Sailor Moon inspired background I got from a twitter account that just asked for a retweet if you used any of their stuff, unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the account, or else I’d attach a link!

My Home Screen Apps and Folders

As I said, my phone’s quite boring really. From top left to bottom right my apps are as follows:

Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp / Camera / Photos / Depop 

My Folders then read:

Games / Bookmarks / Extras

And finally, the little row of 4 apps at the bottom are:

Music / Messages (iMessage) / Safari / Phone

I’m one of those people who leaves her apps with a million different notifications for weeks on end. I also have over 4,000 pics in my camera role, and probably a quarter of those are worth keeping. I kinda ordered my apps by most used-rarely used and then put my folders last, and the ones at the bottom have always been like that (I think that’s how they come when you first get the phone up and running?). I only ever usually have one home page, because (this may shock you) I like it to be clean and organised (yes, I’ve kind of contradicted myself there. I am indeed a notification hoarder, but I’m not a complete mess, jeez ((totally a complete mess)) ).


I don’t usually have many games downloaded. I DO usually have Pokemon Go and WWE Supercard, but I got rid of them for a little while as I haven’t been playing on them much and the take up so much room, but I’m sure I’ll probably re-download them soon and complain when i have no free storage. I always have Disney Emoji Blitz and Neko Atsume cause they’re my two fave games, I get so lost in them, so if you want a couple of games that can help you escape reality for a while then I recommend downloading these (plus they’re both sickeningly cute). The other two games are just a couple of random games, I don’t tend to play on them much. I find Roll The Ball quite difficult and my boyfriend gets annoyed at me asking for help, and 100 pics was one of those games that makes you forget to sleep at night and you play on for a solid 3 days, and then never open it again. I often play on 100 pics if I’m out and about on my own, and I’m feeling a bit anxious and I need something as a distraction, something I can concentrate on to ground myself (so again, if you need a little escape or suffer with anxiety, this has been particularly helpful in calming me down in social situations). Last but not least, Flappy Bird. I don’t play on it. I never really did. But I will not delete it. I don’t know why cause it was so bloody annoying. Sentimental reasons maybe??


This isn’t gonna be a long description. My bookmarks are usually something I’ve seen that I’d love to buy next payday, or crochet patterns I want to jot down in a note pad sometime. Nothing really that interesting. 


The apps in the extras folder never really get used, so I like to have them hidden away. The ones on the first page get used occasionally. I actually use the notes quite often, there’s probably about 40 different notes in there, and the only one i ever refer to is the passwords note. And obviously the other one that gets used fairly often is the app store, but as you can tell from my home screen, I don’t tend to bother downloading new apps, and as you can see from the 11 notifications, I don’t update the apps I have. I used to use the news app quite often, and have a good read if I was bored, but I don’t think I’ve bothered with that for a while. 

Overall Review/Conclusion

I need to sort out my phone. I need to delete some pics, some notes and get rid of those pesky notifications. I need to do a technology spring clean (summer clean??). But then again, in a months time I’ll probably have a new phone and that makes me think that maybe there’s no point, but I’m also really lazy and who can be bothered to sort through over 4,000 pictures?

Not me, that’s who. 

So thanks for reading guys, I apologise if I ramble a little too much, and also that there wasn’t much to show, but that’s what these posts are about I guess. The point was to show you whats on my phone, what kinda apps I use etc, and I think I’ve done just that.
Speak soon!