My 20th Birthday: Shopping and Cake

Coming to the realisation that I’m no longer a teenager was no easier, nor harder, than I thought. I still feel 17, so turning 20 was no hardship. I never really bother celebrating my birthdays. As you get older, it matters less. You’re either working, or your partner is working so you’d be spending it alone. But this year I had the time off, and so did my boyfriend. My birthday was on Tuesday 19th (September), but I wanted to spend that day doing absolutely nothing. So, on the Monday me and Stephen (boyfriend) made out way into town so I could do a little bit of shopping courtesy of my birthday money. I thought I’d do a chatty post to talk about what we got up to and show you what I got. I’m not 100% sure I can remember all of the prices, but I’ll try my best to give an educated guess.


First things first, we nipped into Primark (we finally have a Primark in our town!). I always pick up way too many things in Primark, and I’m great at bargain hunting. If there’s a cute top hiding somewhere, and it’s in the sale: I’ll find it.

Primark are going full force with the Disney merch at the moment, and it’s really not a bad thing. I picked up this huge Mickey Mouse coffee mug. It’s like two normal size cups of coffee in one. It’s great if you’re exhausted, but need to stay up late doing assignments, or writing blog posts. Not so great if you don’t want a caffeine high. I’ve actually been using it more for drinking tea. I’m pretty sure this mug was £4.


I was browsing around the clothing section, and came across a rack of super soft jumpers. On further inspection i realised it was again Disney merch. I had to have one. They were only £8 I think. I went with Donald Duck because I loved the (rather Christmasy) green colour.


The next thing is something I never leave Primark without buying: Socks. Usually I get those pack of 3, cartoon character decorated, trainer socks (or shoe liners as Primark sometimes labels them). But I thought I’d live life on the edge and buy some ankle length Harry Potter socks. I plan to wear these over tights when I’ve got my dungaree dress on. I think the socks were around £2.


Next thing i grabbed was something I’d needed for a while. A new purse. My old purse was covered in scratches, wouldn’t close and was just too big. I wanted something small and plain, but then, as I walking around the key-ring stands after Choosing my purse, I found a huge black pom-pom. It looked super fluffy and they all had letters on them, so I grabbed one with a K for Katie. It may seem tacky to lot of people but for some reason I was drawn to said pom-pom and it matched the purse. So it went in the basket. The purse was £4 and the pom-pom was probably about £1.50??





This next item was something I’d been eyeing up in Primark for a couple of weeks. Every time i went in I wanted it, but I couldn’t justify spending £3.50 on it. So when I saw it reduced to £1 I couldn’t say no. It’s this funny little fake grass plant. It’s not the most amazing looking fake-plant, but none the less, it’s cute. And the pot is pink. 

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Another tiny purchase was this pretty candle holder. It’s a sparkly gold reindeer who cost £1.50. How could you say no to this? (it did come with an unscented tealight but I’ve already burnt it).

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The last thing I grabbed from Primark were some gorgeous black, velvet/suede thigh high boots. I have chubby legs, so finding thigh high boots that fit is a nightmare. When i tried these on I couldn’t have been happier! £18 well spent. They have ties on the back with gold ends, and they’re super comfy to wear over jeans with a pretty jumper.




Home Bargains

I only bought two things from home bargains. That was a Halloween candle and a plastic Christmas tray. The candle was only 99p and it smells AMAZING. I’ve been burning it constantly and it’s barely moved, so if you’re looking for some yummy festive candles that’ll last forever, get yourself over to Home Bargains. They had Christmas and Halloween candles, and they had some cute ones in stained glass jars. I got the plastic tray to put candles on when I’m burning them. I have sticky back plastic covering my little side table, and sometimes the heat from candles make the candle jar stick to the plastic. The tray was only £1 so it saves ruining my table. And it’s pink, so I probably would have bought it anyway.

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Cat Rescue Charity Shop

I love going into charity shops and so does my boyfriend. I’m a sucker for cute ornaments, anything girly and anything pink. First thing I saw was the Hello Kitty money jar for £1. We always have change lying around, so I thought we’d start using that and try and save up some cash. But it is just damn cute whether you wanted to use it for money or not. Then upstairs they had more items. And I found this tiny sleeping cat ornament for 50p. I love cats and as soon as I saw this I knew I was buying it.


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Copenhagen Flying Tiger

I don’t know if many of you have this store in your town, but when this shop opened in my town I was instantly obsessed. Some of the items in there are so bloody cool, stuff you’d get on websites like Not On The High Street. Flying Tiger has such a wide range of items: stationary, kitchenware, candles, storage, plushies and even cool drinks/snacks. The prices are shocking. Shockingly cheap. I once got a surprise goodie bag from Tiger, it was only £2 so I wasn’t expecting miracles. I got mostly crafty bits in it (which I love anyway) but the stuff would have added up to around £10! Anyway, when I went in the other day I saw these bunny rabbit lamps. They slowly change colour and look so pretty at night time. They were either £2 or £3 each. They also had owls too!

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I originally went in Clintons to get myself a Tsum Tsum (to add to my already way too big collection). As soon as you walked through the door there was a feature table with spooky Halloween items on. Now, I’d already bought myself a new mug from Primark (cute mugs being another thing I collect) but I couldn’t resist when I saw this spookily adorable cat mug. It’s an off white with gold sparkles and stars, and a cat design the whole way around. And the handle IS A CAT. £10 I didn’t need to spend but I wasn’t leaving it behind. And then we went over to the Tsum Tsum table. I picked up a small Baby Dumbo (£3.50), and then took a quick peek under the table where I saw a medium Crush Tsum Tsum (£10). Yep. I got both. No regrets. And then by the till I saw a Disney Inside Out shopping bag with Anger on the front (£1.80). If you keep up to date with me on twitter you’ll know I have an obsession with fabric shopping bags. So I got that too.










The Rest of the Day

I did pop into Superdrug to get some concealer, and ended up getting concealer, eyeliner and a setting powder from Collection on the 3 for 2 offer. With the offer, my student discount and some points I had on my loyalty card, it all came to just over £4. Bargain. Then we had to nip into Wilko to get some food and treats for the Hamsters. After that we went to Burger King for some well earned food.

My Birthday Day!

So as I said, I wanted a chilled birthday. Me and Stephen spent it in bed watching TV. We also baked me a birthday cake! The recipe we used was Tanya Burr’s Sunday Cake recipe. If you love chocolate cake then go and check it out because it tasted amazing. We went way over the top decorating it, but had plenty of decorations left over to munch on that night. I’d already seen my family in the days leading up to my birthday, my dad took me out for a birthday meal, my mum popped round with my card and some cake.

I had a lovely birthday and I definitely enjoyed treating myself (even if I did buy too much).

IMG_0224    IMG_0225


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