The Tastiest Chocolate Brownies – How To

I’d been begging my boyfriend to do some baking with me for weeks, and finally we had a day off together. So, I marched him down to the shop to get the ingredients, and we spent 4 hours cooking up some yummy treats. We made more Oreo cupcakes, and I already did a blog post on those so go and check that out cause they’re truly amazing. 

I’m gonna show you how to make the best brownies in the world. No exaggeration. They didn’t even last more than a day, everybody loved them. 

Here’s how to make Marshmallow Chocolate Brownies.


150g Dark Chocolate
50g Cocoa Powder 
180g Butter
270g Caster Sugar
80g Plain Flower
3 Eggs
1 Handful of Mini Marshmallows


First of all you need to break up your chocolate into squares (I used Bournville Chocolate), and also dice your butter into good sized chunks so that it can melt easily. Pop your chocolate and butter chunks into a bowl and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water. heat this gently until the mixture is melted. Once done, allow this to cool. 

Now preheat your oven to 180 Celsius / 350 Fahrenheit / Gas Mark 4. Line the base of your tin using baking parchment if you have it, we didn’t so I just greased the tin with butter and it worked perfectly fine. 

Next you need to whisk together the eggs and caster sugar until it turns thick and creamy. Then sift in the cocoa powder and flour, and ensure there are no lumps. Fold those dry ingredients into the egg/sugar mixture. 

This is where your melted chocolate comes in. Pour it into your brownie mixture and gently fold it in. Now you need to throw in your marshmallows (these melt,  making the brownies super gooey on the inside)

Pour your brownie mix into your lined/greased tin and bake it for 25 minutes. My brownies took a little longer to bake but this depends on your oven. When ready, check your brownies. It may appear as if they aren’t cooked properly if you place a knife through the middle, but this is because it’s a gooey mixture and the marshmallows melt. You can gently shake the tin, and if the brownies wobble then they’re not done cooking, so pop them back in for another 10 minutes or so (but keep an eye on them).

When your brownies are done cooking, take the tin out and leave it to cool down slightly. I cut my brownies into squares when they were still quite warm so the knife went through nicely. 

You can also put some marshmallows on top to finish them off, or drizzle some melted chocolate over the top. 

Let me know if you have a go at making these brownies! Be sure to comment and let me know what your favourite thing to bake is. 

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  1. I was actually speaking to my boyfriend yesterday about having a baking day! I hardly ever bake so I'm kind of excited 🙈 I LOVE chocolate brownies and these look and sound amazing! So I'll definitely be giving them a go xx

  2. yes! defo give them a try! my whole family loves them x

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