Oreo Cupcakes Courtesy Of Tanya Burr!

Hey guys! 

So I’ve decided to stray away from my usual posts and do a proper foodie post. I love baking (I make an amazing banana loaf) but I never blog about it, and I think it’s time I started documenting my baking adventures.

 To start off easy though, I’m gonna write a quick post about the time I tried out Tanya Burr’s Oreo Cupcake recipe. I am NOT trying to pass this off as my recipe!! I just thought as been as they turned out so well that I’d show you some pics and talk you through the recipe, and how I personally took my own twist on it (okay, all I did was use 3 different Oreo flavours but give me some credit!).

Here goes..



175g butter

165g caster sugar

3 eggs

40g cocoa powder

125g self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 pack oreos


2 packs oreos

100g butter

200g icing sugar

First thing I did was take a trip down to my local supermarket to grab 3 packs of Oreos. I picked up the original flavour for the frosting, mint for the base of the cupcake and chocolate for the decoration (Tanya kept it less complicated and stuck with the original flavour for all 3 parts, which I’m sure was just as good, but I was feeling ridiculously adventurous). 

Once I got home I did as instructed and turned my oven to 180 Degrees. I then realised I’d forgotten my cupcake cases and ended up using some blue with snowflake patterned cases left over from christmas.. Once I realised how cute they were actually going to look I put them in the cupcake tins ready for pouring the mixture in, and continued to mix together the butter and sugar until it was the creamy/smooth texture described by Tanya. Next step was to pop the eggs in with the butter/sugar mixture. Then I folded all of the dry ingredients into that mixture (flour, coco powder, baking powder). I just want to add that I used a stand mixer for this part, but it doesn’t matter whether you do this or do it by hand!

As I said, I got 3 different flavours of Oreo, so I placed one mint Oreo in the bottom of each empty cake case. I thought the mint would look great in the bottom because the cream filling is a cute green colour, and I thought that when the cupcake was cut in half (always thinking about getting that perfect insta-shot!) you’d be able to see that minty green layer! Then I poured the mixture into the cases and let them cook for about 20-25 minutes (Tanya says 14-17 minutes, but the oven I used at the time wasn’t great with baking cakes, so mine took a little longer). 

This is the part I found most fun: Frosting!

All you need to do is mix together your icing sugar and butter until it’s looking smooth. Then you wanna take half a pack of oreos and crush them into Oreo crumbs! I used the original flavour Oreo for this part. I didn’t use a blender on an account of not having one, so did like Tanya said and used a sealed food bag instead which worked just as well. Now add your crumbs to your frosting and stir them in! 

The frosting was incredibly easy to make and I thoroughly enjoyed licking the bowl after I’d used as much as I needed. I actually found I had enough frosting left to ice another couple of cupcakes, so I’m not sure where I went wrong, but it just meant I got to eat the remaining frosting (why waste it!?). 

Once my cupcakes were cooked and cooled (I put them on a cooling rack for this bit), I spread on my Oero frosting. I didn’t want to do it neatly, I thought they looked good with a messy vibe going on. Then with the chocolate flavour Oreos, I used them as decoration by breaking them in half, and putting one half on top of each cupcake.

And we’re all done! 

  1. Just read your brownies baking post and then found myself landing on this post too. And OH MT GOD these look absolutely incredible 😍😍 I NEED THEM xx


  2. aww im so glad you like the posts! bake them all and send me pics!!!x

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