What’s on my iPhone 6 Plus?

Hi guys!

So I’ve seen a few people do these posts, and it really made me want to give it a go. Now, it’s got to be said, my phones actually pretty boring, but I’m sure some of you will get a kick out of having a nosey around my phone. Here goes!

My Phone & Phone Case
I have a 16gb iPhone 6 Plus in white and silver. I’m with EE, and I’ve had my phone now for nearly 2 years. I’m due for an upgrade next month and I really don’t know what to get next!

(yes, this pic was taken last August BUT I loved the photo)
 The phone case above is a Sailor Moon silicone phone case.I got it from an app called Wish, and it came with the cute little charm! I did recently have different phone case on, but I only had it a few weeks before a pen exploded in my handbag, and the ink dyed the gorgeous pink, marble effect into a not so aesthetic smudged blue.. It was a plastic snap case and did only cost about £7 from Amazon, and it made me realise how much I loved my big squishy phone case. 

My Lock Screen/Home Screen Wallpapers

Sticking with the Sailor Moon theme, my wallpapers are just a gorgeous, pink/purple gradient, Sailor Moon inspired background I got from a twitter account that just asked for a retweet if you used any of their stuff, unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the account, or else I’d attach a link!

My Home Screen Apps and Folders

As I said, my phone’s quite boring really. From top left to bottom right my apps are as follows:

Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp / Camera / Photos / Depop 

My Folders then read:

Games / Bookmarks / Extras

And finally, the little row of 4 apps at the bottom are:

Music / Messages (iMessage) / Safari / Phone

I’m one of those people who leaves her apps with a million different notifications for weeks on end. I also have over 4,000 pics in my camera role, and probably a quarter of those are worth keeping. I kinda ordered my apps by most used-rarely used and then put my folders last, and the ones at the bottom have always been like that (I think that’s how they come when you first get the phone up and running?). I only ever usually have one home page, because (this may shock you) I like it to be clean and organised (yes, I’ve kind of contradicted myself there. I am indeed a notification hoarder, but I’m not a complete mess, jeez ((totally a complete mess)) ).


I don’t usually have many games downloaded. I DO usually have Pokemon Go and WWE Supercard, but I got rid of them for a little while as I haven’t been playing on them much and the take up so much room, but I’m sure I’ll probably re-download them soon and complain when i have no free storage. I always have Disney Emoji Blitz and Neko Atsume cause they’re my two fave games, I get so lost in them, so if you want a couple of games that can help you escape reality for a while then I recommend downloading these (plus they’re both sickeningly cute). The other two games are just a couple of random games, I don’t tend to play on them much. I find Roll The Ball quite difficult and my boyfriend gets annoyed at me asking for help, and 100 pics was one of those games that makes you forget to sleep at night and you play on for a solid 3 days, and then never open it again. I often play on 100 pics if I’m out and about on my own, and I’m feeling a bit anxious and I need something as a distraction, something I can concentrate on to ground myself (so again, if you need a little escape or suffer with anxiety, this has been particularly helpful in calming me down in social situations). Last but not least, Flappy Bird. I don’t play on it. I never really did. But I will not delete it. I don’t know why cause it was so bloody annoying. Sentimental reasons maybe??


This isn’t gonna be a long description. My bookmarks are usually something I’ve seen that I’d love to buy next payday, or crochet patterns I want to jot down in a note pad sometime. Nothing really that interesting. 


The apps in the extras folder never really get used, so I like to have them hidden away. The ones on the first page get used occasionally. I actually use the notes quite often, there’s probably about 40 different notes in there, and the only one i ever refer to is the passwords note. And obviously the other one that gets used fairly often is the app store, but as you can tell from my home screen, I don’t tend to bother downloading new apps, and as you can see from the 11 notifications, I don’t update the apps I have. I used to use the news app quite often, and have a good read if I was bored, but I don’t think I’ve bothered with that for a while. 

Overall Review/Conclusion

I need to sort out my phone. I need to delete some pics, some notes and get rid of those pesky notifications. I need to do a technology spring clean (summer clean??). But then again, in a months time I’ll probably have a new phone and that makes me think that maybe there’s no point, but I’m also really lazy and who can be bothered to sort through over 4,000 pictures?

Not me, that’s who. 

So thanks for reading guys, I apologise if I ramble a little too much, and also that there wasn’t much to show, but that’s what these posts are about I guess. The point was to show you whats on my phone, what kinda apps I use etc, and I think I’ve done just that.
Speak soon!

  1. Loved this! I always enjoy finding out what apps people use and I love your wallpaper!

    Char xo || http://www.memoirsmusings.com

  2. aw thank you!😅💖x

  3. Your phone case and wallpaper is super cute! 😍 I need to find a nice phone case for my phone but I'm so indecisive! xx


  4. aw thank you! I have a few different phone cases that i swap around depending on my mood!

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